Keeping Sight of Your Transactions

Tracking successful and failed transactions to provide insight on the blockchains's behaviors and operators.


Monitored Transaction Traces

(Last 24 Hours)


Monitored Transaction Traces

(Last 24 Hours)


Monitored Transaction Traces

(Last 24 Hours)

What We Do

We help users of Antelope blockchains understand where their transactions go.

We collect data from Block Producers and other node operators to provide them with insights and accountability.

We show this data with charts and graphs to track performance over time.

Why We Do It

Our tools provide an intuitive way to diagnose issues and identify improvements.

Web3 is built on transparency and trust. Node performance insights are essential in order for users to make informed decisions.

Understanding bottlenecks in the system is key to improving the already highly performant Antelope software.

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